Pledge Your Support For Raising the Minimum Wage

Dear Lawmaker,

Businesses succeed when their communities thrive. As a small business owner, I recognize the benefits to our business community and our local economies when low-wage workers have the money they need to spend on essential goods and services at small businesses. That’s why I support raising the federal minimum wage and adjusting it yearly to keep pace with inflation.

As a small business owner, consumer demand is my No. 1 concern, and raising the minimum wage is a way to stoke that demand. Raising the wage will enhance consumer spending, which can increase the demand for small firms’ good and services and boost businesses’ bottom lines.

Increasing the minimum wage would give hard-working Americans more money to spend at small businesses, which helps create jobs and strengthen our local economies. States around the country are acting on this issue, and now it’s time for Congress to act. Lawmakers should listen to small employers and raise the federal minimum wage to help small businesses, our workers and the economy.

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